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Image by Ben Sweet

Social media is magnifying media engagement at the cost of YOUR social interaction.

We apply psychological principles to encourage social interaction between two friends by proposing a shared location of interest. 

Our mission is to prioritize people and authenticity while elevating social engagement to create a better, more connected world.

It all starts with YOU

The first thing a user will see is themselves. Over time, the goal is slowly to increase the user's self-confidence and self-image as the camera acts as a mirror. Also, it encourages the user to create real life spontaneous moments to share with others. 

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100% control with a swipe

Our goal is to provide users with fast and seamless navigation through their family, friends, created groups, hashtags, and topics, while also giving them complete control over their viewing experience. To achieve this, we drew inspiration from the popular game Temple Run. We enable users to swipe in any direction to create their own unique path each time they open the app.

Our Creative Founders.

Our team is the perfect blend of passion, experience, and expertise, enabling us to reach unparalleled levels of awesomeness.

Founder / CEO


Six years of experience working in innovative and challenging positions requiring entrepreneurship, business and management skills and leading diverse projects that tackle social issues. Passionate and highly knowledgeable about social media platforms.

Co-Founder / CTO


Software Engineer with an eagerness to make a real difference in the world.  Over 7 years of full-stack development experience and leading-edge mobile development, part of the team developing the Queensland Digital Licence App, and brought (Vedette) to market.

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