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Videos that give you real connection!

Swipe left or right to select a topic you love. Jump right into the community. Hang out, chat and watch with like-minded people, and make new friends globally!

We make the content secondary and live interaction the priority 

Lyve is a co-watching short-form content platform that cultivates social connection and intimacy.
Short-form video limits and isolates viewers, flooding them with an endless stream of entertaining content with minimal connection to their friends or the outside world.
How is Lyve better?
Viewers engage in a real-time interactive chat room built around content categories . Each room is different and focused on providing a unique viewer experience and community. Lyve will revolutionise how we interact with short-form video by increasing a sense of community, engagement and social connection worldwide. 
Lyve will give users more options to be social and engage with content.

The next stage for short-form video is here!

Our Mission

To change the way people connect online, share knowledge, tell stories, express themselves, and inspire each other through their interactions.

Taylor Grey

Founder & CEO

Six years of experience working in innovative and challenging positions requiring entrepreneurship and management skills and leading diverse projects as a project owner and product manager. Experience in designing and developing software programs and websites that tackle contemporary social issues. Researched and highly knowledgeable about social media platform trends and usage.  Passionate about bringing highly talented people together to achieve cutting-edge outcomes.

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Christo Brits

Co-Founder & Developer

Software Engineer with a passion to make a real difference in the world, by utilizing technology trends in the service of social trends. With more than 7 years of full-stack development experience working for an investment bank, technology consultants and an innovative mobile solutions company. Specializing in leading-edge mobile development, part of the team developing the Queensland Digital Licence App, and brought a crime monitoring app (Vedette) to market.

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Sherri Pimentel


Amazon product leader bringing 15 years of experience developing machine learning-based technologies that reduce customer friction and improve the end-user experience.  

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A.R. Alireza Tabrizi


Is an industry leader in content monetization, conversion rate optimization and growth. With more than 15 years of experience in the digital business, including social media, he has proven success in maximizing the revenue and performance of businesses.

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Victor Minichiello


Over 15 years of senior leadership and business management experience with managing staff, projects, and budgets, and studying human interaction and behaviour.  

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Simon Thompson


Entrepreneur and tech professional of 10 years, ex-Microsoft and current product manager at Hyper.

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Max Francis


Ex Deloitte Consultant and current Commercial Director at Hyper and Start Up Mentor.

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Zihao Huang

Advisor + Employee 

UI/UX designer with a passion for delivering creative solutions based on compressive research and targeted consumer insights and knowledge of the China culture and market.  

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